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Decree No. 6096 of April 24, 2007 establishing the President's Support Program for the Restructuring and Expansion of Federal Universities - REUNI. This program intends to strive to consolidate a national policy of expanding higher education system, for which the Ministry of Education fulfills the role assigned by the National Education Plan (Law No. 10.172/2001) establishing the provision of supply of higher education for at least 30% of youth aged 18-24 years until the end of the decade. 

Purpose of REUNI

According to the General Guidelines of the Development Plan of Education (PDE), the REUNI aims to create conditions for increased access and retention in higher education at the undergraduate level, for increasing the quality of courses and to take better advantage of physical infrastructure and human resources existing in the Federal Universities, respecting the particular characteristics of each institution and encouraged diversity in the higher education system.


Global Goals

  • Gradual rise of the average completion rate of 90% for classroom courses (currently in Brazil is 60%);
  • Increased teacher / student relationship in undergraduate courses of one teacher per 18 students (1 / 18) at the end of five years after the start of each plan.



  • Reducing dropout rates, job vacancies unfilled vacancies and increasing enrollment, especially at night;
  • Expansion of student mobility with the implementation of curriculum schemes and systems of securities that allow the construction of training routes, through the use of credits and the movement of students between institutions, courses and higher education programs;
  • Review of academic structure, with the reorganization of undergraduate courses and update teaching methodologies and learning, seeking constant improvement of the quality;
  • Diversification of modes of degree, preferably not directed to early professionalization and specialized;
  • Expansion of inclusive policies and student assistance;
  • Articulation with post-graduate and graduate education to basic education.


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Campus I - Diamantina/MG
Rua da Glória, nº 187 - Centro - CEP 39100-000
Telefones: +55 (38) 3532-6024
Campus JK - Diamantina/MG
Rodovia MGT 367 - Km 583, nº 5.000
Alto da Jacuba CEP 39100-000
Telefone: +55 (38) 3532-1200 e (38) 3532-6800
Campus do Mucuri - Teófilo Otoni/MG
Rua do Cruzeiro, nº 01 - Jardim São Paulo - CEP 39803-371
Telefone: +55 (33) 3529-2700
Campus Janaúba - Janaúba/MG
Avenida Um, nº 4.050
Cidade Universitária CEP 39447-790
Telefone: +55 (38) 3532-6808 e (38) 3532-6812
Campus Unaí - Unaí/MG
Avenida Universitária, nº 1.000, B
Universitários CEP 38610-000
Telefone: +55 (38) 3532 6821